About Us

We all have stuff to take care of, so let’s make this short, how does that sound?

Great! Well let’s go then.

Who are we?

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The Smart Arts is a blog dedicated to everyone with a passion for either dance, music, or film. We cover a large range of sub-topic in those three, from dance tournament and techniques, different music genre, to film analysis and reviews, and so much more!

Our story

The blog is founded by Hank Dinh & Peter Huynh, two good friends who have an endless love for different art forms and the urge to share it with the world.


We also found that through writing posts for you guys, we have a great chance of learning new things. And let’s be real, who doesn’t love the feeling of discovering something?

Mission & Vision

Using Smart Arts as the platform, we want to consistently share helpful & entertaining pieces of information to you, our readers.

But what do we get in return? Well, Smart Arts starts out as a hobby-fulfilling project of ours, so the first and foremost reward for us is to see this site grow through your support. As for the rest… let’s just wait to see what it may have, shall we?

Let’s get to know each other.