The Art of Sampling in Hip Hop Music

Have you ever asked yourself how those producers make their greatest-of-all-time beat that brought the golden era of Hip Hop in the 90’s? They didn’t create the melody themselves. In fact, instead of spending hours making melodies like composers, Hip Hop producers spend most of their time looking for sounds from existing songs that can be looped to make their own beat, which formed a technique called “Sampling”.

Sampling is just simply reusing a particular of an existing song to record in order to make a new song. It’s a two-way benefits: create the new and revive the old. As new songs come up, old songs fade out and become forgotten. With sampling, producers are given the opportunity to not only express their taste in their own beat but also inspire the audience how great old song used to be. Check out some of greatest beat made by sampling techniques

10 Crack Commandment by Biggie Smalls and Les McCann by Vallarta

Maria Maria by Santana and Wild Thought by Dj Khaled ft. Rihanna, Bryson Tiller

Why Can’t We Live Together by Tommy Thomas and Hotline Bling by Drake

On the other hand, sampling technique has opened a new horizon of creativity for many other musical artists, especially Dj. Instead of mixing one track with another unrelated track, DJ can actually play around with the original sample of a hip hop track and that track itself. This will bring the surprise to the party heads, along with the hype. DJ Premiere is one of the pioneers bringing this approach on his set.

In shorts, Hip Hop music, especially Old School Boom Bap beats, is usually made to be simple. While the drum and snare drum are responsible for making people bounce their heads, the looped sample are what make them groove and start to make some moves. As a true Hip Hop lover, besides listening and grooving to the Hip Hop beat, you may want to know how the beat was created by looking for original sample of the Hip Hop track to understand and appreciate more of the ideas and the efforts that producers had been working on to nurture the culture of Hip Hop music.

I hope y’all find this article interesting. Feel free to share with me your thought. We’re all connected by music here :).

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